Establishing a universal design language

The work completed on this project was for a multi-million dollar technology company. We worked specifically with the process gas division and were able to visit a few locations that gave us unbelievable insight into our approach.

Project Challenges

The initial ask for this project was to create a unified design language across all the new product interfaces. To do that, we needed to start with the existing interfaces, learning as much as possible about how to design the interface to work for the real world. We conducted thorough research, reviewing existing user manuals, engineering diagrams, and any artifact we could find that would tell us more about the existing experiences and how we could improve them.

Project Wins

After gathering as much information as possible, it was time to create the new experience. We made a single codebase that can run on the human-machine interfaces at the plants, as well as on a web application that is accessible remotely from anywhere in the world. I leaned heavily into an easy-to-read high contrast dark mode, using a cohesive, punchy color palette that is both brand-progressive and reminiscent of the client's current visual identity.

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