Elevating a logstics company

Elite Transit is a national logistics company that has multiple proprietary native and web applications that provide their customers with tracking updates and freight management. My role on these projects was branding, ui design, and web development via the Wordpress platform.

Project Challenges

Working multiple projects simultaneously — ones that have fully-distributed teams and stakeholders — can present its challenges. We initially were tasked with rebranding an old, stale identity into one with swagger and confidence. It needed to feel like it was always moving, always headed in the right direction. This identity had to have a tech-forward vibe, one that was responsive across a suite of applications and contexts. The success of this branding work led to other successful projects with this company.

Project Wins

We were able execute the hard work and research of the new brand across both a public-facing website and web application, as well as a handful of promotional marketing materials. The web application was used for load tracking and management across the continental United States, and was built using the Vue.js framework. Transport companies can book and request loads, while previewing stops along each route. Having multiple user types meant we needed to sketch our potential user flows as part of the design work in order to make this project a success.

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