Designing a UI for stroke detection

Forest is a startup medical company that has a (vc-backed) product that can quickly detect strokes in an emergency environment. My role on this project was to create a brand-centric and consistent product and interface design.

Project Challenges

The main challenge of this project was working on a rapidly evolving project —one that required internal and external teams of engineers. We had to make quick decisions that made sense. We pushed the limits with each team to see what the project capabilities could be from a hardware perspective. We helped to create several iterations of the product throughout the course of the project. Having that inside knowledge was very beneficial as we made user experience choices like audio and light feedback in both the ui and hardware.

Project Wins

There's a certain satisfaction in holding something that you helped to make — right in your hands — and being able to interact and experience it in real life. Once a stable first release was ready, we got to do just that. I leaned heavily into the new shades of blue from the rebrand, keying off that color for use within the interface’s global screen components and illustrations.

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