Designing an online space for local art education

Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media is a non-profit organization. My role on this project was to craft a website that was centered around people engaging with and giving back to the local art community.

Project Challenges

Creating a website that promoted local art education meant we would have multiple user types interacting with this content. Some people might be coming to browse an art exhibit, or to take a class, go to a camp, or simply view showtimes at a local theater. This meant we needed to identify some basic user flows and patterns. We knew this project could push a few limits since we were working with artists, so we took chances where we thought we could, all while making the content centered around what matters most: art.

Project Wins

Seeing a product you made continue to do well and be supported years after its creation is such a great feeling. Taking chances in design that you might not normally get the opportunity to take felt like such a win with this project. There's a certain level of validation that comes with making a tool that a user can use to further their creative education — I'm glad I was able to be part of a product that can be used to do just that.

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